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I have super thick, sort-of wavy brown hair that has now grown down to my waist. I'm going away to school in the fall and I want to get a really low maintenance hair cut just because I'm tired of trying to find a way to make it look good every morning. I've been thinking maybe an Emma Watson inspired pixie cut or something of that sort. I'm a bit worried about having to get it trimmed so frequently, as I've read that you should with this type of cut. I also don't know whether it would look good.

No matter what, you are going to have maintenance with a cut. Having short hair, you will definitely need to keep up with trims if you are wanting to keep it short. Whether it is short or long, hair grows at the same rate. It is just more obvious when it grows if it is short. With a pixie cut, there may be more maintenance then you realize. You may have to put styling products in it for it to do what you want. I used to have really short hair, and there was never a “wake up and go” way of life for me. With it being so short, I would wake up with my hair sticking straight up in places and there was no way to fix it without getting it wet in the shower. Even with a spray bottle, it wasn’t enough to tame the messy pieces. With longer hair now, I rarely have messy hair in the morning. And it’s easy to throw up in a ponytail when I don’t want to do anything with it.

I think going short is a great idea! It is fun and cutting your hair dramatically is always a great way to start a new chapter in your life. But if you are wanting a pixie cut or something similar because you want something low maintenance, I would maybe pass on it. For something easy to maintain, try cutting a few inches off. Just enough so that’s you can throw it in a ponytail when you are tired of it, but when you feel like styling it or going out, you still have that option. AND you won’t wake up with crazy hair in the morning! 

Hope this helps! Again, this is only my opinion formed by my personal experiences!

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I'm about to donate my hair, 10 inches of it. It'll be my first time having my hair short in a long time. A few people have voiced opinions that short hair will look bad on me ( I have a round face, not sure if that makes a difference) I really want a cute but different hair do. 10 inches comes right above my shoulders. Help? I really need a new hairstyle. Something funky, but I don't think I want a pixie cut. Thank you!

First of all, don’t listen to other people. Donating your hair is such a wonderful thing, AND as long as your confident and knowledgeable about how to style your hair and what works for you, anyone can pull of almost anything! I promise. 

If you want to leave your hair as long as possible after taking the 10 inches off, try an A-line hair cut, and you can opt to get it stack in the back. 

this is an A-line cut and it looks like there isn’t much stacking going on in the back. this particular cut has a lot of choppy layers, which makes this average haircut really funky!

I really like this one! It has a lot of “wispy” layers. It is also an A-line cut, with the length in the front a bit longer than in the back. This would look especially good on anyone with a round face, as you mentioned you have. 

Another idea is to get a cut like one of these above, but ask the stylist to give you straight bangs. They look great on people with round faces, adding angles to a “non-angular” face shape :]

I hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to ask anything else :]

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These are short choppy layers starting at about her bang area.

These are short choppy layers starting at about her bang area.

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Are you still answering questions?? Anyway, I donated my really long hair about 2 months ago and got a plain blunt cut with angling. Then I wanted something more so I got mini side bangs, that look like little flyaways. Full bangs make me look like I'm 5 and I'm scared to get sidebangs. How short can I cut my hair for a dramatic change but it'll still be long enough to put in a small bun and ponytail? Also - what should I tell the hairstyle I want??

Yes, I am! I have been backed up on questions so I answer them privately if they aren’t anonymous :]

To be able to put it up, you probably want to keep it about shoulder length, or a little longer if you decided to get layers. Mine is currently growing out and it is at almost shoulder length and I can put most of it up, with the help of 1-2 bobby pins. 

You said you got a blunt cut before? Even if you cut nothing off of your length, having your stylist give you layers will dramatically change the entire look. Just tell your stylist that you want layers. They will ask you where you want the shortest layer so you may want to decide that before you go. Take a look online or in some magazines. I will even post some pictures for you. 

Let me know if you have anymore questions or if I didn’t answer this correctly!

This is a story about a woman and her journey to no longer using shampoo.

I’ve always wanted to try this, but until now I haven’t read any success stories, just because I haven’t done much research on the subject. 

We don’t give enough credit to the amazing things our bodies can do and we are brainwashed to think that we need to spend money on shampoo and also conditioner because the shampoo is so harsh on our hair. Here’s the thing that they don’t tell you though: The natural oils in your hair are FAR better of a conditioner than you could ever buy in a store or salon. 

Read “My no poo Shampoo Story”:

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