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Ok so I have blonde and brown hair and I usually get it professionally done, but anyways I thought I would try and take the brown out myself and it just made it a lighter brown and killed it a little I made a hair appointment with my hair dresser to just dye the entire thing a lighter blonde and get rid of the brown with a cut and I don't know if its ok to re dye it right away or? Cause it will be 5 days since I dyed it last.

It isn’t GREAT for your hair, but depending on the previous damage to your hair, you should be okay. I have had to do multiply bleaching sessions to my hair with extremely strong bleach. My hair isn’t in the best condition, but it’s not falling out either. 

Also, your hairdresser will be able to tell you if your hair is too damaged to bleach it again right away. 

Just be sure to take great care of it after bleaching it! Do deep conditioning treatments! :D

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I have auburn hair naturally, and would like to do a pink, purple, and teal combo for the summer. If I bleach and dye it, will my hair be able to go back to the auburn color it is naturally? I've been told by my family it won't...

It will, eventually. Once you are done with the pink, purple, and teal, you can attempt to dye it back to a color that is similar to your natural color. After that, you will just have to wait for your hair to grow all the way out to have a full head of your natural color again.

Some people use stuff from a beauty store to strip the color from hair and go back to the natural color, but in my experience I have never seen these work like expected. They will strip most of the color out, but leave you with a color that isn’t your natural color still, and is usually several different colors anyways. 

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If I'm pale skinned, blue eyes with natural brown hair, could I pull off a bleached blonde or really blonde hair? Is damage from bleach fixable? I'm nervous to completely bleach it lol

I think you could pull it off from what you are telling me. However, damage to your hair, is NOT reversible. The only way to get rid of the damage is to grow it out and cut the damage off. There are products and home remedies that will help your hair, such as make it feel softer or look shinier, but no damaged and dead hair cannot be fixed. I would probably start out with heavy highlights and see how you like it. Going all over blonde is a really big commitment and a lot to keep up with. Hope this helps!! Feel free to ask for help again if you need it!