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So glad I found your blog, I've been looking for good advice for awhile now. Ok, I have naturally brown hair (blue/greenish eyes, pale skin) and in the summer I got high lights and have been sticking with that since (both from the salon twice and from a kit I did myself twice). I now want blonde hair like Emma Stone or Kristen Stewart when she had blonde hair. What should I do? Thanks :)

I’m glad you found me too!

One option is to continue getting heavy highlights. If you go to a salon, they can tone your hair after bleaching it to get it to the color you want. So say your hair comes out a little brassy or orange and you want platinum blonde, they can tone it to make it a lighter blonde.

I wouldn’t recommend bleaching your entire head because the strands of hair that are already blonde from highlighting will not only become really damage, but they will possibly come out a lighter blonde than the rest of your hair because they were previously bleached. Your best bet is to have a hair dresser do heavy highlights all over. Again, if it doesn’t come out light enough or it comes out too light, ask for them to apply a toner. I hope this helps!

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Right now my hairs in pretty bad bad shape. But I was kind of wanting to go lighter, but I dont know what. I currently have red locks, my eyes are blue, and my skin is kind of pale, but i hope to soon be tanning. Any suggestions for my hair color that would look good? and also, either way if you say bleaching it would be nice, or whatever, What are some ways I could prepare my hair? I hope that whatever I could have done I could do by June- ish.

Is your hair natural red or colored that way? If it is colored red, and you go lighter, you may have some trouble because of how hard red is to get out. It could turn out orange. But that’s just if it’s colored red. You could get highlights to begin with to ease your hair into going blonde. Bleaching your hair all over will be pretty touch on even the healthiest hair. You may come out with some breakage. With your skin and eye color, you’d probably want to go either platinum blonde, or more of a honey blonde if you wanted something more natural. I would just stay away from anything to yellow or orange, because that may wash you out. There is really no way to prepare hair for how harsh bleach is. But you can try to at least make it a little stronger and healthier than it is now. Do a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Try to condition your hair everyday and don’t shampoo very often. It strips your hair of its natural oils and can dry it out even more. You can also take Biotin. It promotes the growth and healthiness of hair, skin, and nails. Also, use a heat protectant whenever you use a hot styling tool. That will really help with the dryness. You can also try a leave in conditioner that you can put in after you shower. 

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hai there, i wanted abit of colour advice. I'm really keen on going blonde, but i'm worried because I'm tan; like I'm not extemely dark but i have olive skin and brown eyes. just wondering if you've ever seen someone with my complexion pull blonde off & what shade i should go? thankyou so much!

I think a blonde color would look great with your skin tone and eye color. Actually, that is basically my skin tone and eye color, haha. And I have almost platinum blonde hair. I would go for a platinum blonde or a light, honey blonde. Try to avoid a blonde that is too orange or yellow because that will most likely wash you out. I will post some pictures of examples!

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So right now I have a weird mixed hair color (natural). The very top of my hair, like the top roots are bright blonde and as you get closer and closer to the bottom layers, it starts to go to a light orange/red/blonde...I have bright blue eyes and pale-ish skin, but it has a warmer undertone, and I was wondering what would be a good haircolor for me to have?Thanks!

Coloring your hair a rich orange/red would look really natural on you and also make your eyes pop. I have a friend that isn’t naturally a red head, but she has fair skin and blue eyes. She colors her hair orange/red and it just looks so gorgeous on her. And it wouldn’t be far off from your natural color, because you already have some reddish tones in your hair. 

platinum blond hair

platinum blond hair

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Okay, so i'm naturally medium brown, but when i was younger i had light brown/honey almost blonde hair and i really want to go back that colour! but i've dyed my hair so many times, and it's so dark now that if i just put blonde dye through it its not going to go blonde! and i'm scared to bleach my hair because when i do it goes sort of orange.. and what happends if i bleach it then go honey blonde? is it still going to work or will it be orange still? D: i need helpppp!

If it is too orange, it will not lighten to the honey blonde that you want. I would start with heavy highlights and gradually they will cover most of your head after getting them retouched once or twice. At a salon, they will be able to get the highlights blonde enough so that they can then color them honey blonde!